About Us


Hi, I’m J. R. and I like to play with my Wii.

Now that we have that joke out the way, I want to describe what I am trying to do here on this site.

The idea behind Wiiweightlossplan.com came to me the first day that I had received and started playing my Nintendo Wii back in early January. I knew after a couple hours of playing Wii Sports (and a few sore muscles later) that this gaming system could really be a good workout and could probably help me get back into shape. Best of all though, it was FUN.

However, I’m lazy.

I never followed through with this idea until I read the results of the Wii Sports Experiment. Seeing the results of this experiment motivated me, and I’m now determined to do what this guy has done, except on a greater scale. I want to lose 80 pounds! And I want to do it in a year and I want to do it by using my Nintendo Wii as an exercise utility.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Nintendo Wii will not be the ONLY thing that I will be doing to help me lose weight. I know that I need to change my lifestyle and stay motivated. I know that I need to eat healthier and I know that I need to be more active in my lifestyle, but playing the Wii and keeping up on this website are going to be my biggest motivating factors on reaching my goal.

Now, this site is my motivating tool to help me lose weight, but I’m hoping it can make all of you gamers and even non gamers out there motivated as well to help you lose weight and lead a healthier life style. We gamers get a bad reputation and get stereotyped as obese and lazy, just sitting in front of our TVs and computers all day. Yes, I meet that stereotype now, but I won’t have it anymore!

I’ll be posting my progress and thoughts throughout this adventure and life changing event for me, and in the meantime I will be posting recipes, my workout and meal plans, and also Wii game reviews for games that I feel would give you the best workout when you play them. I’m hoping that my hard work and research will in the end not only help me in my goals, but also help motivate you and provide you the tools to follow in my hopefully good footsteps.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact me about anything you might want to say. Now let’s start losing weight by playing with our Wiis!