Exercise to Lose Weight in a Week


Weight loss is fast becoming a global condition which is bothering everyone including children and adolescents. Excess of weight gained brings with it many problems and health related complications which make life miserable. Diet and exercise to lose weight in a week are the most researched topics as everyone wants to embrace the way which would give them immediate results. No one has the time or patience to undertake a slow and steady approach.

Exercises are especially very important in aiding weight loss in a short period of time. You should chart out a plan which would be best suitable for your body type. More intense workouts and trainings should be included in it so that you really lose considerable weight in a week. Exercise to lose weight in a week can be effective if you have feasible objective about the number of pounds you aim to lose. For example, you can lose maximum of five pounds in a week and anything more than this may exhaust you or frustrate you midway and your body also may not respond properly to strenuous exercises.

Ideas to Choose the Right Exercise


  • It is said that it would be better to aim to lose one pound in a week to start with which you can increase later. This is because it is practical and healthy to lose weight consistently rather than lose lots at one stretch. You should aim to burn at least 500 calories per day to achieve a target of 3500 calories loss at the end of the week.
  • Cardio exercises are said to be the best when it comes to burning calories at a faster rate. Choose the one which you enjoy every day at the gym so that you can burn the required calories in one week. You can mix a few exercises together to make exercises more fun and effective as well. Elliptical trainers, stationary bike, treadmill etc can be combined in a period of 1 hour to get immediate results. There is no easy way other than to sweat it out. Just increase your time at each machine by 5 minutes daily and do this till your maximum capacity. This would be the best exercise to lose weight in a week. There are two types of cardio exercises generally prescribed for those who want to lose weight but you should choose the one that best suits you.

The slow and steady cardio exercises are of low intensity and last for longer duration say 45 minutes to one hour. These exercise burn excess fat but not carbohydrates.

High intensity cardio exercises are of shorter duration, say twenty to thirty minutes and they are based on interval training as are very intense. But you are sure to burn a lot of calories in a week on a daily basis and these intense exercises also boost your metabolism. Your increased metabolism aids in quicker weight loss and you can lose up to five pounds in a week if you undergo this interval training based high intensity cardio exercises.

  • There are other cardio exercises as well which can be very effective in helping you lose the required weight. Aerobics is very popular among women as they find them easy to do and also interesting. Step aerobics especially help burn at least 400-500 calories in thirty minutes. These exercises wok the muscles of your hips and legs especially.
  • Cycling and swimming are two other popular exercises which people prefer while aiming to lose weight quickly and healthily. You can increase your speed gradually but try to burn more calories than you burnt on the previous day. You can aim to burn up to 300 – 500 calories based on the intensity and duration. Swimming works every muscle of your body and is a perfect exercise to lose weight in a week. For example, breast stroke for thirty minutes can burn up to 500 calories. Increase your laps gradually to avoid tiring yourself.
  • Running, walking or even rowing can help you burn fat the right way provided you them at a brisk pace and for a longer period of time.
  • There are other intense exercises like jumping rope, sprinting and spinning which can for sure burn a lot of calories. Jumping rope for just twenty minutes is equivalent to intense body workouts and also very much ideal if you want to be a sportsperson. Sprinting should be combined with running to burn more calories and increase your body metabolism.

You can chart out a strategy by choosing the right exercises which would help you lose maximum weight possible in the shortest time possible. Combine it with the right diet, stay determined and never lose the focus.

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